MERIT security services shall develop and maintain a quality management system that conforms to the requirement of the international standard, so that we can provide and maintain the highest quality of security services to all Kenyans. Our quality management system shall ensure that proper communication work control and accountable records are generated for all services rendered as a means of achieving our objectives.

Our aim is to achieve the highest stands of performance through services to our customers.

The goal of our quality management system includes the following:-

  • Achieving and maintain the requirements of ISO
  • Achieving and maintain a level of quality which enhances the company reputation with our customers.
  • Commitment to continual improvement
  • Improvement of internal and external communication on quality issues and policies with staff and customers through training and awareness on quality.
  • Creating a better working environment for all employees
  • Understanding and meeting customers and regulatory authority’s requirements.


The company shall at all times endeavor to keep any information that pertains to our customers confidential.

This confidentiality shall be achieved through the following;

  • All employees that deal with customer information sign a contract that bind them.
  • All communication is through a highly controlled system via authorized personnel’s only.
  • Any document or luggage shall be dispatched through safe means.



The company shall ensure that competence and integrity is adhered to through all its operation.

This will be achieved through adherence to the following;

  • All activities by members of the organization shall be ethical.
  • All the members of staff charged with various activity shall be competent in terms of education and or experience
  • Training needs shall be identified and necessary training carried out.
  • Effectiveness of training shall be evaluated.



Being cognizant that our company is dependent on willingness of customers to our services, it is of paramount importance that any customer requiring our services is satisfied by our responses to alarms, fair charges, and honest professional advice from our findings.

In this regard all employees shall put maximum efforts to satisfy our customers’ needs through:

  • Proper understanding of customers’ needs
  • Proper communication
  • Professional treatment to all our customers
  • Timely resolution of customer’s complainants as per our complaints policy.



It is the policy of MERIT Security Ltd to have minimum number of complaints emanating from its client. However whenever any customer is not satisfied by our services for whatever reasons,  the company shall promptly initiate investigations to establish why the customer is dissatisfied and take appropriate action.



MERIT Security Ltd. shall endeavor to get security work done correctly at all times. In the event that for some reason guarding was not done as expected, action will be promptly taken as follows:

  • All affected guards shall be suspended.
  • The general manager shall immediately appoint a team to investigate the significance and root cause of problem.
  • If the team finds that customer satisfaction is affected in any way, the general manager shall promptly inform customer and new guard put in place.